We carry the following products in stock ready for your immediate rental requirement. Kindly contact us at inquiry@th-it.com or call us at 03-80217599 if you need a more customized rental solution.

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Fax Machine 3 products
Flip Chart 1 products
Kangen Water 4 products
Monitor 5 products
Monitor TV 5 products
Network Switch 3 products
Notebook 24 products
PC 11 products
Printer 12 products
Projector 11 products
Scanner 5 products
Screen 8 products
Server 2 products
Shredder 3 products
Software 14 products
Tablet 5 products
UPS 4 products
Video Camera 1 products
Walkie Talkie 1 products
Wireless 3 products
Workstation 4 products
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