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Ekahau Partner
Since Jan 2020, TH IT is registered as EKAHAU’s partner in Malaysia. Ekahau is the world’s best WI FI design tool. They have developed a professional design and troubleshooting software and a portable spectrum analyser specifically design to detect and analyse wifi signal.

Creating a Plan of Action to Optimize Your Network
Dear Ekahau enthusiasts,
Ekahau organizes webinars from time to time and if you have not attended them, below is a recording of the webinar with the title - 'Creating a Plan of Action to optimize your network' and we would like to share it with you. It is awesome to hear from other industry experts!


We have successfully run ''Design and survey of WiFi network using Ekahau Pro'' for our customer,
Focus Instruments (M) Sdn Bhd on 15 Sep 21.




Please enjoy the webinar: 


Good News

 Ekahau Pro licensing 2021 – More benefits for user
 Ekahau has launched new update for Ekahau Pro, its new release 10.3.0 is now:

Ekahau Connect is a suite of Wi-Fi tools that enables you to design, optimize and troubleshoot any Wi-Fi network faster and easier than ever before

Please enjoy the webinar: 

2021 Wifi Day Full Video
Session 1
The Future of Wireless and Impact on Network
Q&A with Matthew MacPherson, Wireless CTO, Cisco
Session 2
The Future of Wireless and Impact on Network
Q&A with Chuck Lukaszewski, VP & Chief Technologist, Aruba
Session 3 
Bringing the Future if Wireless to Life with Ekahau
Ari Tourunen, Vice President R&D, Ekahau 
Session 4 
Stop! Collaborate and Work Smarter
George Stefanick, Mobility Solutions Architect, Active Expert
Session 5
Why Design Matters
Jim Florwick, Enterprise TME, Cisco  
Session 6
Designing, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Large Enterprises
John Kilpatrick, Sr. Network Architect, Nvidia
Session 7
How to Design Wi-Fi for a Large Enterprise  
WiFi Ninjas Mac Deryng & Matt Starling  
Session 8
Ekahau Product News Announcement 
Anssi Tauriainen, VP Product Management, Ekahau 


  • The Impact of 6 GHz on the Wi-Fi Market
  • Troubleshooting your Network to Drive Performance Improvements
  • Lessons from the Front Lines in Higher Education, Manufacturing, and Hospitality
  • Enhancing Wi-Fi Deployment Methodologies
  • Good, Better, Best Practices in Wireless
  • Ekahau Innovation – What’s New and What’s Next
View More

Ekahau Sidekick is an all-in-one professional Wi-Fi diagnostics and measurement device for fast and accurate Wi-Fi site surveys and spectrum analysis.

Ekahau Professional Wifi Design Report

Having a wireless design is just not good enough without a professional report. Ekahau Pro comes with a One Click report generation. With this report, both the vendor and the client will have a detail overview of the design with signal coverage heatmap (both primary and secondary), network capacity health, network issue, channel interference, signal to noise ratio, bit rate and throughput, air time and channel utilization plus a lot more other parameters. The report is a good presentation file as well as for documentation purpose.

Here is a sample of Ekahau report base on a design in our office. A few important pages are extracted down below and you can download the full report at the following link.
Extracted pages from a full Ekahau wireless design report
Ekahau report - signal strength heat map Ekahau report - signal to noise ratio
Ekahau report - channel interference Ekahau report - data rate Ekahau report - network health Ekahau report - airtime utilisation
Download our full office wireless design report here - Ekahau Professional Wifi Design Report.pdf.download
TH IT offers sales, ECSE training, product support and surveying services for your wifi design requirement. For inquiry please email to ekahau@th-it.com

Companies which have attended Ekahau or
TH IT Networks training course






TELITI INFOTECH SDN BHD 145333-U Design & survey of WI-FI Network using ekahau pro Certificate of Attendance
TRIDIMAS SDN BHD 385081-W Design & survey of WI-FI Network using ekahau pro Certificate of Attendance
FOCUS INSTRUMENTS (M) SDN BHD 634382-W Design & survey of WI-FI Network using ekahau pro Certificate of Attendance




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